Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Who Fears the Dentist?

This might actually be a valid question to many people. I wouldn't say that I fear the dentist but I definitely don't enjoy going to the dentist. It's probably my own fault really. I know I don't floss as often as I should and I haven't really worked hard to get those hard to reach spots. It's my lack of attention to detail when it comes to keeping my pearly whites, pearly, and white. Now, you are probably asking yourself why I am writing about going to the dentist or what this has to do with anything. I was thinking about some things I overheard my children saying to each other today after lunch and it got me thinking about last week. They had a friend over for lunch and playtime and as everyone was getting up from the table McKenna says, "Friend, you need to go brush your teeth or you will get holes in them." I tried explaining to McKenna that I was sure her friend had a toothbrush at home and she could brush them later. McKenna piped up, "Well, she can use my green one, I have two toothbrushes." Then I had to tell her how we usually don't share things like toothbrushes. "It's just for your mouth," I said. I could tell that McKenna was still upset. She even was starting to tear up. Then, with the saddest sounding voice she says, "but I don't want her to get holes, she will get holes in her teeth if she doesn't brush them after she eats, that's what they said on the video." I mean I understand using the scare tactic sometimes....but really? I guess the video they showed the kids really got through. Ever since she came home that day afterschool she has faithfully gone to the sink to brush her teeth after each meal. I guess I should have found that video sooner.

Here is how McKenna's school picture turned out. I was glad that she smiled pretty.
Aislynn in her green outfit from yesterday.

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2003beachbunch said...

I LOVE the fact that Kendall loves to brush her teeth already without any scare tactics! I'm glad that your girls are going that direction too!