Friday, March 27, 2009

Babies, Dogs, Kids, and Funny Stories

Update on Stellan:
He is still in the hospital with constant SVT and nothing has helped to break him out of it. He is having trouble getting IV's to stay working properly and is a very, very hard stick at this point since his heart is not pumping blood as effeciently to his peripheral veins. So, instead of letting him be a human pin cushion, he is going to have a more permanent line put in this morning. The family is also looking into a second opinion at another hospital to see if any other doctor can find a treatment for this little baby boy. You can hop on over to her blog by clicking here.

It's another dark and rainy day here in Florida today. I like the rain when it gets the grass watered and I don't have anywhere to go, other than that, it just gets in my way. The dog doesn't want to go outside either because of the rain to do his business so I am constantly trying to figure out what he's doing when he sniffing around the door. We put him in the garage this morning and he was able to do something in there. I am glad we put the pads out for him...and then he totally missed it. Oh well, I guess that comes with having a dog, more to clean up after.

I have a funny story for you. It's a little PG 13 so I hope I don't go too far with it. It all started a couple of days ago when Kambry would be sitting on my lap or next to me on the couch and reach over and squeeze my boob. I thought it was funny but just brushed it off and she went on to her business. Then yesterday as I was getting out of the shower, she walked in. She immediately came over and was trying to squeeze me again. I quickly put the towel around me and asked her what she was doing. This is our conversation:
Kambry: "I like your boobies."
Me: "Why do you like them?"
Kambry: "I like the milk in your boobies."
Me: "What makes you think that you like it?"
Kambry: "Well, I like the milk out of the refrigerator."
Me: "Mine is a little different, mine is for when you are a baby and just babies drink it."
Kambry: "I want to be a baby so I can drink milk out of your boobies."
Me: "You are a big girl and you drink the milk out of the fridge, we need to save my milk for Aislynn. Besides, you wouldn't even know how to get it out."
Kambry: "Yeah I do."
Me: "Then how do you do it?"
Kambry: "I just put my mouth on your boobie and drink it."
The reasoning of a 3 year old is just brilliant.
I think that Kambry might be just the least bit jealous of Aislynn and her milk. I thought it was funny what she said, but I will have to remind her that she already did that when she was a baby and now it's Aislynn's turn.

On another note, all it took was me mentioning that I didn't see any teeth yet for Aislynn for one to pop through. It was the very day after I said Aislynn was still toothless when the first itty bitty sign of a tooth emerged. I have noticed that she has been a little more fussy at night when I put her down. She sometimes wakes up once or twice before I go to bed, but then she sleeps most of the night. I am just glad that she didn't let me know she had a tooth in "other" ways if you know what I mean.

Here is a new bib I got for Aislynn off Etsy. Laurie over at Laurel's Lullaby made it for her. I asked her to put a cute pink backing on it to make it more girly and she was so responsive and sent it right away. I got it yesterday so I couldn't wait to try it on. Aislynn seemed to like it and Bart did too.

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Kelly said...

Ahhhh haha! I know how you feel with the boobies conversation, I had the same conversation with my son. LOL! It is too funny what goes through kids minds. It is no doubt in my mind that there is a little jealousy towards the baby in the family.