Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Past Week in Pictures

I love this picture I took of Kambry running around the backyard. She was having so much fun. If you look closely you will see that she is in mid air. Talk about action shot.

I got the girls to stand together and act like they like each other for a me it was momentary love for each other...haha!!

Here we are at a birthday party McKenna went to for a boy at her school. The weather was so nice that we all decided to go.

I finally got that picture of Aislynn in the buggy...she liked it a lot. We are going to get lots of bike rides in since the weather is getting nice and warm.

Aislynn was giving me the pouty face and I just couldn't resist. Even though I don't like to see babies cry, it's just so cute to get on film.

This is the "I'm trying to poop mom, go away!" pose. She had serious written all over her face. Boy, was she smelly when she was done with her business.

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