Sunday, November 30, 2008

Let there be light

Since Saturday was ruined by rain all day we sat around and watched movies. Today the weather turned out great so we were able to get the lights up around the house. It's always fun decorating for Christmas around here. We have the lights hooked up to a sound and light show, so anyone walking by gets to hear Christmas music and the lights light up to the music. It's pretty neat, we got it last year right before Christmas. We went with all white again, it just looks nice I think. Anyways, I put a picture for all to see. I would love to see what your house looks like too if you put lights up. Wow, tomorrow is December already!!!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

What were we thinking???

I forgot to tell you about our black Friday shopping trip. We haven't done the day after Thanksgiving shopping since the first year we were married. This year, with the number of children we have and the economy the way it is decided it was worth the madness. When I arrived at Toys R Us at 4:50AM I realized that the rest of Florida decided it was worth it too. I was backed up in line by half a block and was wondering if I would even get what I came for. It was fun talking with the other moms in line. We all came to the conclusion that parents would do a lot for their children, that's why we were all here at the wee hour of 5AM. The doors opened promptly and we all filed in. I was surprised that there was no pushing or shoving. I made my way through the crowded store with my basket and was able to get everything I wanted. I did have to wait about 30 minutes to check out though. Then we were off to a few more stores to get a few more good deals. I didn't get anything big, just lots of little things. Even though we were really tired the rest of the day, I think it was a good decision. The girls are going to like their gifts and I like that I didn't have to pay full price. YEAH!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

And the Tree is Ready

It's a tradition of ours to decorate our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving. In the past we have gone out to a Christmas tree farm and cut one down. This year we decided to use the artificial tree we bought back at Cherry Point. It turned out working just right for the space we had. The girls wanted to put colorful lights on it this year and help put the ornaments on too. Of course we had to go back and move some of them otherwise they would all be at the same level (three feet from the ground.) It was nice getting out all the old ornaments and remembering when we got them. Since we move around so much we decided we would get an ornament from each place we live. We also like to get the "Make a Wish" ornament at Things Remembered and get something engraved on it each year. This year we put, "Our 3 Angels- McKenna, Kambry and Aislynn." Soon the lights will go up outside.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

I hope that everyone had a happy thanksgiving. We spent all morning making lots of yummy food and all afternoon eating it. We told each other what we were grateful for. After lunch we sat and watched the Cowboys bring home a victory. Sorry Ags, maybe next year for you. It was a nice relaxing holiday.

Monday, November 24, 2008

I almost forgot...

Since Aislynn is now 3 months old I did her monthly measurements. She is 12 lbs 6 oz. and 24 inches long. She is wearing 3-6 month clothes and a few 6 month things because of her length. Her hair is starting to grow and I have to keep an eye on her fingernails because they can get really sharp. She is excited to have her first trip to Texas for Christmas and meet many family members and friends she has never seen. I am sure she will have lots of smiles for everyone.

Christmas Picture Preview

I decided to go out and get Christmas dresses for the girls. I got lucky and found some that were all the same and came in all the sizes I needed. Hopefully after we get our Christmas tree up this weekend we can gather round and take some Christmas pictures to send out to everyone.
On Saturday, we took the girls to Toys R Us so they could show us what they wanted for Christmas. We spent over 2 hours there walking up and down every isle. I think it helped me know what they like though.
We are getting ready for Thanksgiving too. It's just going to be the 5 of us this year. We have planned out our meal and I think everyone is excited for the yummy food and good times.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Here is Aislynn reaching for her snail in her bouncy seat. She really likes to grab things now and has even been able to get the frog in the middle and make the music start.

She seems to like to sit up tall too, so we have graduated her to the Bumbo. Kambry likes to sit in it too. McKenna tried to sit in it but it was a very tight squeeze.

Jake is really growing up. I wonder how much more he will change before he done growing.

Tummy time is fun.....for five minutes max..hehe.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Pensacola Blue Angels Air Show

Aislynn's first Air Show. She seemed to like it except when the planes got really loud.

Kambry was relaxing in the stroller.

Among all the noise, she managed to take a short nap.

McKenna finding a seat in Aislynn's car seat. She's so silly.

McKenna also had fun in the bouncy houses.

This is what Kambry thought of the bouncy house.

Having fun in the stroller.

Daddy holding McKenna because she was getting tired.

This one is called Fat Albert.

Here two blue angels are crossing each other very closely. It's kinda scary if you ask me.

This is the trainer that Bart will be flying while here in Pensacola.

Climbing in to see a hummer.

Taking a ride on the waves. It was a crash landing.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Happenings from the past week

Wow, I can't believe that it's been a whole week since I have been on here to post anything. Last weekend we were all together for a four day weekend because of Veteran's Day so that was nice. We are working on maximizing our storage space at the house and have put some flooring down in the attic. McKenna had school on Monday but was off on Tuesday. She also had a birthday party to go to for one of her friends at school. Now she can't wait until her birthday so she can have a big party too. Kambry is almost potty trained now. She would have been months ago but she doesn't have the desire I guess. We tempt her with being able to wear big girl panties but I guess she is just fine with a diaper or pull up. When she does decide to use her potty she is very proud of herself. I am waiting for the day when she uses it all the time. Aislynn is getting more and more vocal these days. She is also really reaching and grabbing things. I have to be careful with my hair too, she likes to get a big handful of that and pull. Bart has started a new job on base as of yesterday. I think he is really going to like it. For those of you that are military and understand this, he is instructing API. I think it's a nice change. I am still home with the kiddos. They keep me so busy I don't have time to think most days. I am enjoying it but I still get the itch to go back to work. I will probably try to start working PRN in the spring or early summer and then go part time or more by fall. I guess I have to find a job before I start all my planning. Oh, I almost forgot, on Tuesday we saw the Oscar Meyer wienermobile. It was at the commissary. I did get a couple of pics. The girls had fun anyways. Well, I hope you are all doing well. The holidays are sneaking up on us.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Swinging Away

The girls really love playing on their swingset. Kambry was not able to swing by herself when we bought in in July. Now she can swing as high as McKenna. Here is a video of what she can do. I am so proud of her for learning all by herself. Of course it helps to have a big sister to look up to.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Just like Mommy

Kambry playing with mommy's shoes.

McKenna from when she was 1 1/2 playing with the same shoes.

I guess I should save these shoes for Aislynn to play with too.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Fun!!

We all had a really good time last night. The girls were excited to put on their costumes and go trick or treating. I think that McKenna enjoyed handing out candy as much as going and getting it at other people's houses. Kambry was a little shy but followed her sister up to each doorstep. Aislynn stayed behind this year with some friends while Bart and I took the girls through the neighborhood. We even got a little dressed up this year too. Hope you all had a great Halloween too.