Saturday, March 14, 2009

If I were a dog

This morning Bart was out back picking up doggy poo. It's not a job I like doing so I usually let it build up until we can't take it any longer and hand the job over to him. McKenna and I got into a discussion about doggy poo. She said that there was so much of it out there and I told her that dogs go poo outside in the grass just like people go poo inside in the potty. She said, "Well, if I was a dog I would go on the sides(meaning the side of the house) where people don't go." I told her how that would be a nice thing to do. Then she went on to say more about if she were a dog. This is her talking..."I would listen when people tell me things. I wouldn't bite or jump on people. I wouldn't bark when someone comes to the door, I would just wait there until they came in. I wouldn't chase kitties around the house." Something tells me that she is referring to what our dog does that we get onto him for. It was funny so I thought I would share the story. I wonder what I used to talk about when I was 5. You can tell that so much is going on in her head at all times. Kambry is even starting to really think hard about things and reason with why things are the way they are. As for this weekend, we are supposed to get some rain today. I hope to stay dry.

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