Tuesday, March 3, 2009

McKenna: Our little T-Ball girl

As I mentioned previously, we signed McKenna up for t-ball this year. She had her "tryouts" which they called, "the draft" on Saturday. You see, the weather had been nice for the week prior but it called for rain on Saturday. I knew that with our luck, it would rain during the one hour of the day we didn't want it to rain. Luckily it was only a brief pour down and then it was done. So, we were back on the field ready to see what McKenna could do. We practiced with her a little last week but her attention span isn't that long so we didn't accomplish all that much. After almost an hour of waiting it was finally her turn. She got up to the plate, swung that bat....and missed, and missed again, and then again. I can't even remember how many times she swung and missed but I got a great laugh at it. Then finally she got a hit and another. Then they had her go stand at the pitcher's mound and ground balls and throw them to first base. She was a little confused at first who to throw it to but she got it down. It was fun. Last night she had her first practice with her team. We found out that we don't have a coach or a sponsor yet, so I guess we will have to work on that soon. Bart said he would love to do it but we are hesitant because the military could have him working at times when he would need to at a game or practice so we are holding off this year. I think she is going to have fun. It seems like a good group of kids. Opening day is at the end of March. That will be her first game....YEAH!!

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