Monday, March 23, 2009

Not ME! Monday!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. Her precious little baby boy is sick in the hospital. Please pray for them.

I am full of ridiculous things I do on a daily basis. I just usually don't share them with anyone. Well, this is the time of week when I let it all loose. I will admit that some things are just down right embarrassing.

I would never spend the entire day(a weekday none the less) in my pajamas. I didn't get up early on Monday morning, saw it was raining, hopped in the shower, and put my pajamas back on and stayed that way until bedtime. I would never look so unkept and ready for bed. I like to blame it on the rain. It just makes me want to get back in bed anyways.

I did not go buy three Easter dresses for my girls, knowing I would be returning them anyways. I didn't go the store that day looking for Easter dresses, was misguided to the baby section by myself, and proceeded to not spend all my time looking at cute little outfits for Aislynn (which I didn't need). I did not run out of time and grab a few dresses so I would come home with something for my older girls to try on. One dress was a winner though....YEAH, I did something right.

I did not make sure we drove all the way across town on Saturday night to so I could use my Hobby Lobby coupon for the week. I didn't think it was worth enough energy to get everyone ready and piled into the car, sit for half an hour driving across town, and then make sure we get in the store before they closed to get my extra 40% off. I guess we did get a good dinner out of it since we were so far from home anyways, we went to Olive Garden. It was Aislynn's first time, I think she enjoyed the scenery, and the rice cereal and green beans(the three bites I got her to eat).

I didn't just have to have a Sweet Tea from McDonalds on Sunday afternoon, drive there, get a large cup full with no ice, get home, put ice in it, take a drink, and then couldn't even drink it because it was way too sweet for me. I didn't spend the next few hours trying to figure out a way to dilute it enough to drink it but never be able to get it just right. It is NOT still sitting in my fridge. I do have plans to make my own tea and mix it with the Super Sweet Tea from McDonalds and see how that goes.

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Amy Walter said...

oh my goodness... I can totally relate with the McDonalds sweet tea situation. I had a physical the other day right after I had a HUGE sweet tea from McDonalds and my doctor thought I had a heart condition because my heart was beating so fast from all the sugar!! how crazy!! Sometimes my mom gets half sweet/half unsweet and it is a little bit better!!