Friday, July 30, 2010

My Growing Aislynn

I was trying to play around with the new camera yesterday.  Aislynn was cooperating a little, just enough.  It's been so hot that I haven't really felt like getting out and dragging all three girls with me so I just haven't been taking a lot of photos lately.  I just need to do it anyways I suppose.  Well, here are some indoor, in my bedroom, not the best lighting pics.  She is getting so big.  In just under a month she will be two years old!

The Upcoming Weeks

The summer is coming to an end very quickly and we are trying to fit in a couple more adventures before the girls go back to school and there is more of a routine.  In the very near future we are headed back to Disney World again.  The girls are so very excited as they seem to remember a lot from last years visit.  We are mainly going to do a lot of the evening and night activities this year and let the girls play in the pool at the hotel during the hot morning, lunch and, early afternoon hours.  I won't be able to do the "big rides" this year but it all works out because it's just us and the girls going this year.  We are going to take our time and enjoy the day.  No rushing to do this or that...just a nice easy going vacation.  We are spoiling the girls this year by taking them to the Bibbidy Bobbidy Boutique so they can get their hair and make up done like a princess.  I know they will just love it!  I had to go out and buy another card for my camera so I can capture all the wonderful memories of the trip.  We are just hoping that the weather is better than when we went last year and it poured rain on us every day.  I can guarantee you though, we will be prepared for the rain if it shall come.  With ponchos and rain covers in tow....we will make the most of what we can.
Then the next month we are headed back to the great state of Texas to do one last visit before the baby comes.  I get to go cheer my hubby on again for another triathlon and eat some wonderful Texas style food.  We really can't wait to do both of these vacations.  In between all this madness I am still working two to three days a week, working on photography stuff, taking care of three kiddos(four at times in if you count the big kid in the house), and trying my best to keep things clean.  Sometimes the cleaning gets put on the back burner. 
Hope everyone has a great weekend and I will update as I can.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Finally...the huge belly

Well I got my friend to take a couple of pics of my today so I could show everyone this huge belly I have.  I know it's big for just 23 weeks but it's mine and I wear it proud.  I am hoping to just have about 16 more weeks to go.  That would put me at around 39 weeks which is good enough for me.  Knowing my luck, and my past, though, this baby will probably wait until 40 weeks +.  That's just my luck.  I am surviving the heat this summer.  It's actually going by rather quickly.  Anyways, on to the photos...

Saturday, July 17, 2010

My New Body

I know I made a reference the other day to do with a body.  I got a new body...a new camera body that is.  I know those of you that aren't as into photography as I am might find this a bit of a let down...but to me, it's a step in the right direction.  I am so excited to actually start using it now.  It arrived a few days ago and I have been pretty busy with work and the home life that I haven't really done much with it yet.  As soon as I start using it, I promise to post some pics.  So, here he is:

I am calling it a "him" because of the name: 5D MarkII

Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Girls.

In case you forgot what they looked like.  I know I haven't been good about posting pictures of here they are!  I also have a new announcement to make coming soon....has to do with a body.  Hmmm, did you guess it yet? 

Mid July Already?

Wow, I just don't know where this summer is going?  I am glad, however, that it is going by fast for the sake of hotness and preggoness.  I am still feeling pretty good for the most part.  The baby is really starting to get very strong in there already and I don't know if I am quite ready for the constant punches all day long.  I am still sleeping okay, as long as I remember to take my nexium.  That heartburn thing can be a killer sometimes.  I go in for another check up on Friday.  I am sure I will up by more pounds than I wish to be though.  Last night I had another double vision episode.  This has really only happened fours times in my life that I can remember.  Three of those times occurring while pregnant.  I don't know what it means but it is kinda scary at the time.  I can't walk straight or really do anything.  I just have to sit there and wait it out.  It resolved in about 20-25 minutes this time, a little longer than my last one.  If this keeps up I am definitely going to have to see someone about it.  I know, I still don't have a belly pic.  I guess this time around I am actually avoiding the camera.  I am not a cute preggo anymore, I have turned to a blimp and so that's why it's taking so long to get me to take a photo.  I do promise I am still working on it.
But as far as pictures go I said I was going to post some from my beach session a couple weeks ago.  Here are a few of my favs...can't wait to take more!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Our Newest Baby

Last week I had my ultrasound done and I am just now getting around to blogging about it.  All went well it seemed and the baby was again very very active for the tech.  She did manage however to get all the shots she needed.  Since we decided to not find out the sex she was very good at making sure we didn't look when she went down to the leg region.  We have our ideas about what it may be but really we won't know for sure until it is born.  As long as this is a healthy happy baby we will be just as happy no matter what.  We did manage to walk away with a couple cute profile photos of baby Mac #4.  Notice in the second one the baby has it's hand on it's chin.  I think it's really cute. 

I promise I am working on starting belly shots.  Trust me, it's way out there already, and not in the prettiest of ways.
In other random news, my car broke down on me on my way home from work on Friday night.  It was no fun.  I was driving home at 11:30pm and I knew I was having trouble because I had some driving into work.  I thought I would be able to make it home and we could take a look at it in the morning.  My mistake.  I got all but 3 miles from the house and I couldn't go any longer.  My engine was smoking...I had to stop.  I called the hubby and he had to wake up the girls and come pick me up.  We stopped by Wal Mart, got some coolant and tried to fix it enough to get it luck!  I think I got to be finally around 2 am.  But, I actually had some good come of all of this.  We had the car towed to a dealer on Sat.  They took a look at it today and luckily everything was still covered under warranty.  We decided to go ahead and get the oil changed while it was there too.  They even fixed a recalled item that we didn't even think about.  When I went to pick it up not only did they not charge me for the oil change, I got a check for $100 for getting the recalled item serviced there.  I guess every now and then it pays to have your car break down!
Also, more photos coming soon.  I did another beach photo shoot last week and I am just about done editing.  It's work, but it's fun.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Quick Engagement Session

I have been trying to work with the weather for over a week now.  Here in Florida we get those pop up showers all the time in the afternoon.  I wasn't sure if we were going to be able to fit this in or not but when the time rolled around the weather parted for a little bit.  There was even a small patch of blue sky!!  I can't wait to photograph these two lovebirds in the Fall for their wedding.  It's going to be so much fun.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Another Beautiful Newborn

I am really loving these newborn sessions.  Each one holds something different.  This time I met up with the one week old that I photographed being born.  She is already changing and growing right before my eyes.  She was just a doll.  Her mom and aunt were by her side and they were so easy going and fun to be around.  I will be quiet now and show you what you really want to see anyways.
Oh, and I have decided on a name for my business when I become official.  In case you missed it on all the photos it's Lindsay Mac Photography.  Do you like it?  I took lots more but these were some of my favs.