Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Time to Think

I feel as if I have been so busy over the past week that I don't even have time to think. Life takes over sometimes and it's all I can do to stay afloat. Here is a typical week at our house: Monday- laundry, dishes, cleaning up toys from the weekend, trip to the post office, cooking dinner, dropping off and picking up McKenna from preK, lunches, baby naps, t-ball game or practice, baths, getting ready for the next day Tuesday-same thing all over again, Wednesday-same thing again minus t-ball and minus trip to the post office, Thursday-lots of tidying up from the week, getting ready for the weekend, starting weekend projects early, still cleaning and laundry, and dishes, and lunches, and dinner, and baths...Friday-I usually take this day to do no cleaning, I try to relax a little, get ready for the weekend, t-ball games, dirty babies, stay up late...or try to.
Anyways, I am busy. Yet, for my sanity I still find time to sit down each day at the computer and do something for me. I edit photos, blog, email friends, figure out ways to add to my ETSY shop, and take myself out of the busy-ness of the house.

I try to find time to think.

Eating strawberries:


Anna said...

I know what you mean! The past two days have flown...we've been taking in as much of the nice weather as possible and then when we are inside for nap or whatever I try to get something done INSIDE. But as we all know, us mommies wouldn't have it any other way. ;)

The Parker's said...

Sounds exhausting! But...still sounds kind of fun. Does that make me crazy? :-)

Sonya said...

It is so good that you are finding time for yourself. That is something that I struggle to do. Between working full time and being a wife and a mother I leave myself for last and I often get neglected! But my husband and I are working out a new routine so that he gets his time and I get some me time.

The Mrs. said...

Yummy strawberries! I'm glad the language thing isn't just me! I think the "search blog" function allows you to search that particular blog for key words. It works on my blog... hopefully Blogger isn't trying to make us crazy! :)