Monday, May 4, 2009

Not ME! Monday!

Mckmama's back and so is Not Me! Monday! Welcome everyone. This blog carnival was created by MckMama herself. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.
Aislynn is sitting up quite well these days so now when we go out to eat she gets to sit in a highchair and enjoy dinner with us. That being said, I did not get so involved eating my own food and totally miss the fact that she grabbed a coaster and had a whole chunk of it bitten off and in her mouth before I realized what she had done. Luckily I got it all out and she didn't end up eating cardboard.

I would never be so lazy with washing clothes that McKenna wore her t-ball uniform for three games straight without it being washed. I had more than one pair of socks so at least those were clean.

I wanted to get some sun this weekend because I am so white. I thought it would be a good time to get some at McKenna's t-ball game on Saturday at noon. I didn't let myself go the game with a sleeveless shirt, not put any sunscreen on at all, and then want pity for my sunburn. It wasn't my fault, the clouds were out when we left for the game, and we all know how deceiving that can be.

I have not been a blog slacker lately and just be too lazy to think of a good post. These days it seems as if I am getting all caught up in trying to be better at photography and letting my day get away from me. So, sorry fellow bloggers for the lack of interesting posts.

I am not the one who decided I should just invite the girls in the shower with me the other night because I really didn't feel like running the bath water, kneeling down, and washing them after a long evening at the ball park. At least they got clean somehow.

On another very important note, I would like to congratulate my friend Joy who just gave birth to twins yesterday. The babies were born 8 weeks early and are in the NICU right now. Please keep them in your prayers.


Sonya said...

I would have done the same thing about the sun burn! I definitely would want pity even though I didn't wear sun screen. :)

Are you taking any photography classes? What are you doing to better yourself? Just practicing??

The Parker's said...

It's a lucky thing that you caught the coaster. When Hailey was about 8 months old, she bit off a chunck of coaster at Olive Garden and proceeded to gag and then throw-up everywhere b/c we couldn't fish it out!

2003beachbunch said...

Love the coaster story! I get into eating that much too!
Hope the twins are doing well. I have a friend here in Jax that just got put on bedrest to try to keep the twins from delivering! I can only imagine!

Following Him said...

Found you through MckMama...I have never forgotten sunscreen before nor have I worn outfits three days in a row without washing :) Happy MOnday!

Elaine A. said...

My boys go in the shower with me often. It's a pretty easy way to get them clean!

Sherry said...

Thanks for the comment on my Not Me! Monday post! I also liked your post, I was able to relate to all of the things you "didn't" do! Especially the coaster thing, except my coaster was a magazine. Who would have thought babies would eat paper (guess not first time moms, ha!).

Nice to meet ya,