Monday, May 11, 2009

Not ME! Monday!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was all started by Mckmama. To check out what everyone else is not doing this week click here.

This is going to be an interesting one. I feel as if I have so much to talk about which may not be a good thing.

I would never want a moment to sit down, relax, eat some lunch, and check my email all at the same time. I also would never sit Aislynn down on the floor next to me, give her some toys to play with, and get sucked into reading something on the computer. I would then not hear my oldest daughter say, "Mom, look what Aislynn has," look down at her sitting on the floor and NOT see her with the dog bone like it's her own chew toy. I mean come on people, do you think I would give her that to play with?? Well, I guess my dog thought she needed it and set it down right next to her so she picked it up and put it in her mouth like any good baby would. I also didn't almost have a cow with that whole situation.

Yelling at my dog seems to be something I do on a regular basis. He has his good days and his bad. I guess last week he was having a bad know with the whole bone situation and all. Well, he was out in the yard doing something (I can't remember what) and I was yelling. Oh, now I remember, it was about to rain and I was wanting him to come inside before he got all wet. And, since I didn't want to get wet either I opened the sliding glass door just enough to stick my head out...or so I thought. Then, I didn't totally slam the side of my face into the door frame because I obviously didn't misjudge the opening.

To top it all off, I did not do those last two things within five minutes of each other!!

T-Ball Schmee-Ball!! I didn't get into a raised voice argument with the t-ball "wannabe"coach on Wednesday. I did not get all competitive and act like a crazy parent and I did not almost leave the game early. I did though think long and hard about going back for the next game. Then I remembered it was for Kenna, not me...remember I am almost 30...I am not a little girl playing softball anymore..I need to let it go...but it's hard sometimes.

I did not actually clean my living room so I could take a picture of it for Kelly's Show Us Where you Live Friday. I mean come on, everyone knows I keep a very tidy house all of the time. I don't have three kids and three animals running around at all times or anything. I also don't have a husband who likes to think he is tidy...sorry babe if you are reading this.

Well, that's all I have to say for this week. I hope to make next week an even shorter list. We are gearing up and getting ready for Disney soon. I can't wait, and neither can the girls!!


2003beachbunch said...

Sounds like my normal day too :-) You guys going to the princess castle? fun!

Kelly said...

Yes I do recognize you! What a small world. We were never on the wranglers, just went dancing with a few a lot. lol I actually married my dance partner. haha We do have 4 boys, and it is crazy but fun. We ran into a family of 4 girls yesterday, theirs was a totally different dynamic than our 4 boys.

Amy A.K.A. "The Mrs." said...

ouch! I hope you're ok after your misjudgment. :)
Happy monday!

Sonya said...

Ouch about your head and the door!! I bet that hurt.

Don't worry. Aislynn is not the only kid in the world to chew on a dog bone. :) Lauren always manages to get one of Guinness's too. Luckily Guinness never chews on that one.

Claire said...

Great NMMs!


Blessedw5mom said...

Coming by via MckMamas!
Great post!
Happy Monday!

Blessings ~ Heather at