Monday, February 9, 2009

What's my Name? Car talk...

As I was driving with Kambry and Aislynn today to go pick McKenna up from school, I hear Kambry behind me talking. I turn down the radio to listen a little closer. You see, she has this sweet little quiet voice so sometimes it's hard to make out. She was saying, "My name is Kambry Lynn, your name is Aislynn Kate, and Mama's name is....Mama." I asked her again what my name was and she replied, "Mama." I explained to her that even though I was her mama and she called me that my real name that everyone calls me is Lindsay. She didn't seem to get it. Then I decided to keep going and asked her what Dadda's name was and she said, "I don't know." I told her it was Bart and she said, "oh, Bart." The funniest was when I asked her what McKenna's name was. She quickly responded, "Kenna Benna!" I busted out laughing and told Kambry that her real name was McKenna Haylie. I guess we call Kenna, Kenna Benna so much that Kambry thought it was her real name.

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