Friday, February 20, 2009

A Day at the Doctor

The time has come once again for the yearly check-ups for the girls. McKenna and Kambry were both worried about getting shots. I told them that we had to ask the doctor if they needed any at this time. Aislynn is now 6 months old and keeps growing faster than I can keep up. I found myself saying the other day how she just felt like she grew overnight. She weighed more when I held her and felt longer and bigger laying next to me in bed.

Well, here are the stats: McKenna is 5 years old and weighed 39 lbs, she was 3 feet, 6 inches tall. She is very average for her age. Kambry on the other hand has always been small for her age. She is just a skinny little thing. I honestly don't know where she gets that. I knew when she stepped on the scale it would still be somewhere in the mid to high 20's and I was right. I remember last year for her 2 year check up she weighed around 24 or 25 lbs and she really hasn't gained much since. This year she was 28 lbs and was 3 feet, 1 inch tall. Last but not least was Aislynn. She weighed 14 lbs, 15 ounces and was 26 1/2 inches tall. She still does not like tummy time but I still try to make it fun and get her on her belly at least once a day. She likes trying to sit up. She can balance for a little bit but then tumbles forward, sideways, or back. I have a few pics of her practicing sitting this morning.

Mardi Gras Madness

This past Wednesday, the kids at McKenna's school got to have a little parade for Mardi Gras. It is popular here in Pensacola because of our proximity to New Orleans. Everyone seems to celebrate. This was her outfit they made. They even got to throw beads to the crowd. Of course this parade was PG rated. I think she had a great time.

Flower Hat

Here's Kambry with her brown hat and her bright pink flower on it. She looks so cute when she wears it. I need to get Aislynn and McKenna one so they can all match.

Headband Fun!!

I found this bag with all these headbands I bought for Aislynn and realized that I need to have her wear them and get some pics with them on. She is pretty good about leaving them on too. I think if she were a little older she would already be pulling them off the minute I put them on.


Nana said...

I can't believe how fast the girls are growing. They need to be in Texas!

Lindsay said...

You know if I could be there I would.

2003beachbunch said...

The pictures are so very cute! Love the hat. Did you make them for the girls? I am anxious to see what Isaac's stats are around March 8or 9th. I am certain that he will probably be a big brute compared to your little gals :-) Hope all is well!

Lindsay said...

I didn't really make anything here. The hat is just a plain hat that I put a hairclip on. I am actually going to start making hats and headbands so I will let you know how that goes.