Thursday, February 26, 2009

Feeling like blah

Okay, so I know that was a weird title to my post for today. I just wrote what I felt, I mean what I am feeling. It's one of those days where the sun just doesn't want to show it's face quite yet but still I am up trying to get things done around the house. In fact, I decided that I am sick of being in the house right now. I want to get out and go do something but then I can't decide what I want to do. So I clean, and clean some more. Did I mention how much I don't like cleaning? Well, I don't mind the vacuuming and I don't mind wiping down the counters and the table. I don't even mind dusting that much. But, I really don't like to mop floors. Is anyone on track with me here? It's just dirty. First you have to clear the floor of everything, which takes me a while. Then you have to sweep, and then finally, just maybe you are ready to mop. I have these ceramic tile floors that are not a smooth surface so it's hard to get a good scrub. I guess I am just doing it all wrong, I don't know. I know this post is me just talking about how much I don't like cleaning the house everyday but it seems like I do it so much these days that it is a part of my daily routine. I am on my second load of laundry already today. I could do more, I could ALWAYS do more, but I think I will stop at two today. Also, getting on the computer and typing out my frustrations seems a good way to let it out. Aislynn is napping, so all is quiet. I don't have any new news today. I will add a few pics from the past couple of days. Hope everyone else is having a great day!!

I love pink!!

Sunny Day Flower!!

Ready to go practice

Daddy shows McKenna what to do

Kambry gets in on the action too

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