Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What's Happening Today?

It is official...Aislynn's top left tooth has broken through her gums. We are well into teething and it's no fun. She has been waking up at least once a night for the past month so I am just used to it by now. It's not too bad though, I go in her room, nurse her for about 5 minutes, and she lays right back down and goes right to sleep. It's just the fact of having to get out of bed and walk across the house. I am sure it could be much worse.
Last night I woke up and found McKenna laying in between me and my hubby. I have no idea when she came into our room but I since our bed is a tempurpedic I don't feel any movement unless she bumps me so I have no idea that anyone came to bed. Does anyone else out there have a tempurpedic bed? I never really thought I wanted one until I learned a little more about them. They have a 20 year warranty which is a very good thing. They don't loose their shape, and they conform to your body. It's not the type of bed you can bounce on. At least I can keep my kids off of it because it's no fun for them to walk around in quick sand..hah!!
It is hot here. Not dry hot but humid hot, take your breath away when you open the door hot. I am sure it is much hotter in other places but boy I need a pool. I can't even walk outside to check the mail without coming back in all sweaty. I guess I need to get used to it, it is only the middle of June.


2003beachbunch said...

That's one thing I don't miss about P'cola is that heat blast! Stay cool!

Sonya said...

Teething is tough. It takes so much out of them and mommas too!

It is hot here too. I know what you mean about getting sweaty the minute you walk out the door. We went for a walk yesterday at 7am and it was already like that!!

Meant to be a mom said...

Awe poor baby, I hope those teeth come quickly so she can get to feeling better.
Its hot here too, AHH! Its only the beginning. Yikes!

Simply Complex said...

I am so lucky that so far G doesn't seem to be overburdened by the teething thing. He is still sleeping well. Of course, he only has two teeth at the moment so I will not be surprised if all of that changes.

Thanks for the info on the photos. I have yet to check the site out, but I was impressed with what you could do editing-wise with the vibrancy of your photos. I will have to investigate...