Tuesday, June 23, 2009

10 Months Later

Here is Aislynn's first day of life:

Here she is now!!
It's amazing what a change they make in just less than a year. I weighed her this morning and she is 17 lbs even. I finally had to drop down her matress in the baby bed because even though she's not pulling all the way up to her feet, she sometimes gets to her knees and in no time she will be all the way up. She says "dada" a lot. It's really cute because it sounds like she is yelling at him to tell him something, especially in the car. She still has her own way of moving about the house. Whether it's pushing backwards, rolling around, or sitting up and then laying down again, she finds a way to get where she wants. Looking at my friend's newborn I am amazed at how much my baby has grown and changed from the time she was born. I am thinking of getting some professional photos done in the next couple of months. I realized that I only have a couple of photos of the whole family. Now, Aislynn is almost a year old and she is not in many photos with me and daddy. That will have to be a plan for soon!!!

Update: Two days after this post was written, Aislynn started crawling!! Real on your knees crawling. Great job baby girl.

In other news, the girls have been "surfboarding" in our little tiny baby pool that I have out in the backyard. I can't wait to see what they do when they get to go to a real pool or the beach.


Kelly said...

Such cute pictures!!! I love summer fun pictures!
As far as the cake goes, it is so easy, I don't think you could mess it up.

The Goods said...

I love the girls swimsuits!

btw...my sister LOVED the hat. Thank you so much. I will post pics of her baby girl in the hat as soon as I upload all the pics!

Anna said...

oh they are just too cute! Summer is the best!

Nana said...

Aislynn is really growing fast. Love the pic of Kambry with her face in her hands, I love the feet with the spread toes. And of course McKenna seems always so happy to be playing in the water.

Anonymous said...

Kambry's toes are all sprawled out on the first pic of her!

Sonya said...

They grow up so fast!! It amazes me that Lauren is learning something new every day and growing bigger and bigger. Sometimes when I get her up in the morning I think she has grown in her sleep or even sometimes when I come home from work at night she will sometimes look different like her face has changed while I was away!

Just Add Walter said...

surfing usa!... looks like the girls are having a ball!