Tuesday, June 9, 2009

So much to learn

Since I finally took the plunge last month and got a DSLR camera, I have loved every minute of it. It has been money well spent. When I first got the camera I didn't know much about it. I have read the manual at least once over so I know how to change the settings and get it to where I want it to be. While we were at Disney I mainly used the presets because it was still so new to me that I didn't know any better or really how to set it for the pictures to turn out how I wanted. I was still very pleased with my photos none the less.

I want to learn more, I want to be better. So, I have come to realization that I need a new lens. The stock lens that came with my camera doesn't bring out the full potential of what the camera is capable of doing. At this time I am going to rent a lens here and there and see what I like and what works for me. That will give me the time I need to decide which one I want to save up and buy.

I love advice and tips and tricks. I would love for anyone that knows anything about photography to let me know how I can be better. I am a mom that loves to take pictures, not only of my own kids but of everyone else's too!! I look forward to this journey of learning. I look forward to trial and error but also of growth. One way I am doing this is by using the Manual mode and doing all the setting myself as much as I can. In order to learn, I have to try. Even though I still somewhat uncomfortable shooting in Manual, that's the only way I will get comfortable with it. In the last two weeks I feel as if I am growing already!!

I strictly use natural light. I don't like flashes if I don't need them. The sun is my friend and I am trying to find more areas to shoot. The beach is great but I want trees, and open fields, and color!! I will always be posting pictures, maybe one day I will start a blog that is only about my photography. Until then I will have to leave you with this. The first photo is McKenna on a pouty day. She didn't want to take pictures and was upset with Kambry about something. I don't know why this one of McKenna didn't post the way it was supposed to, you will have to turn your head to see it the right direction.

The second photo is of Aislynn. I took her outside the other day to get some shots of her in her new dress I got off ETSY. The sun was not cooperating. When I was getting ready it was overcast and perfect lighting. By time I got outside the sun made it's appearance so the pictures were a little on the bright side. I edited it with picnik.com and did a cross process effect on it. I like how it turned out.


Kelly said...

Very cute pictures! :) I love the editing on Aislynn's picture!

Elizabeth said...

Practice and more practice! DSLR's are so much and I feel like no matter how long I have it, I'll never know it all. Just keep playing and if you learn any fun techniques please share!

Kathryn said...

what camera did you buy?

Sonya said...

Aislynn's eyes are amazing! Every picture you have of her they just jump out at me!

I got the chance this weekend to shoot with a different lens on my camera. I went to a wedding reception and was chatting up the photographer and he let me borrow a lens he wasn't using! It was amazing. I want at least two different lenses and I can't wait until I can save up enough to buy them. I haven't gotten a chance to do anything with the pictures but when I do I will let you know.

I also have read the manual for the camera several times. As a matter of fact I keep it in my purse. :) But I find myself shooting on the creative auto setting quite a bit. That at least lets me feel like I am in control. I used the sports setting last week when I took pictures of my brother roping and they turned out great. I just haven't had time to edit them yet so that is why I haven't posted any of those. I will though....soon!

Anna said...

I am thinking about taking the plunge this summer once I save the money. If you don't mind me asking, what kind of camera do you have? Any suggestions? I have a Canon right now and LOVE it.

I always love the pictures you take of your girls. The facial expression on McKenna's face is priceless!

Meant to be a mom said...

Wow these pictures are amazing. You are such a good photographer. Would you like to move to Tulsa and then I can pay you to take pics of mine when he comes :). Honestly great job.

Simply Complex said...

What new camera did you get? I think your editing is coming along great, and you have good composition too. I just got my new 50 mm fixed lens and love it so much more than my telephoto that came with my camera! I have yet to open and explore photoshop though.