Monday, June 1, 2009

Not Me! Monday!

I know, I know. Two post again on a Monday. I just find it so hard to do just one when I love them both so much. Not Me! Monday is a wonderful blog carnival created by MckMama herself!! It's the time of week when we all let loose and hold nothing back. I have not participated in a few weeks so I hope this one isn't too bad.

Here goes:

I did not take a shower last night, go to bed with my hair somewhat wet, wake up this morning, throw on clothes and that's how I have spent my day. No, I did not go out in public looking like a messy ball of yarn, and no I did not care!!

I did not get the baby pool out for the girls to play in simply because I wanted to work on my tan. Don't worry, I am still white as a ghost. Turns out that I didn't even get any sun because I was too busy making sure the dog left Aislynn alone as I entertained her on the towel. And during that entertainment I did not turn away trying to get a good picture of McKenna sliding into the pool only to turn back and see my baby putting a fistful of grass towards her mouth. No, I would never let her eat grass, even if she does like it.

I would never laugh at my daughter for her fascination with my dog's private parts. He must be going through puberty and since we shaved his hair short and all it is easy to see. She will just sit there and stare at him and bend over so she can see what's underneath. I would never put my dog outside just to get it off Kambry's mind. It's like a new toy to her. Don't worry, she hasn't tried to touch it or anything.

I am sure I have done many more silly and sometimes embarrassing things but I will end it for now. I hope to see everyone back next week for Not Me!Monday!. Click here to see what everyone else is NOT doing this week.


Brandi said...

It's totally acceptable to look like a messy ball of yarn at the beach. I go to Publix in my lounge wear (pj's) and flip flops all the time - no one cares! :-)

Sandy Hop said...

Love your blog! Great Not Me! Monday post. I'm greatful I have a female dog. Thanks for putting that into perspective for me. :)

Kelli said...

I saw your blog from the Arthur Clan. Your girls are adorable and I love the idea about you, not, getting out the kiddie pool...priceless.