Thursday, January 29, 2009

"No Fun"

It's really amazing how children can make you laugh without even meaning to. McKenna is really growing up fast. She knows it, I know it, and she makes sure I know she knows it. She is getting really good at sweet talking me also. As I said a couple of weeks ago, McKenna has already lost her first tooth. At the same time there was also a second tooth that was loose. Since the first one came out we have been telling her to work on getting that other one out. Each night she goes into the bathroom and stands in front of the mirror and wiggles that tooth. Each night ends with her saying that it's stuck and it's not coming out. Then she pleads with us to let her leave it in one more day and work on it the next day. I usually end up giving in and letting her go another day...maybe the tooth isn't ready, how am I to know? So, tonight she is in the bathroom wiggling the tooth and we tell her not to come out until that tooth is gone. She slowly walks into the living room and we ask her where the tooth is. She says that it's not ready to come out yet and we say to go back to the bathroom and try a little more. Her response is...."It's no fun!!" That is her new phrase and anytime she doesn't want to do something that we want her to do she says that. So, I starting laughing out loud because it has become a well known phrase in this house. I know this story probably isn't as fun to read as it is for me to's one of those things where you just have to be there. Since we are on the topic of teeth, I think that Aislynn is very close to cutting her first tooth. Sometimes I think I can feel something just beneath the gums. She sure likes to gnaw on my fingers and and drool all over everything right now. As far as eating goes, I think she looks forward to her rice cereal even though it's rather unapeasing to me. Soon, I will give her fruits and veggies and she should like that much more. I have a short video of Aislynn eating rice cereal so hopefully it will work. I best get going for today, I am actually getting tired sitting here typing. To all you night owls, I wish I had some of your energy. Have a good one. Here is McKenna sitting in one of her favorite chairs. Notice the lone middle bottom tooth poking through. This is a necklace that McKenna made for me the other day at her school. Close up of Aislynn Kambry riding her "new" big girl bike that was handed down from McKenna.


2003beachbunch said...

I think that Kendall is going to be able to sweet talk me into anything as well!

Lindsay said...

When they look you in the eyes with that sweet voice and sad eyes you let them do almost anything they want.