Friday, January 2, 2009

Already lost a tooth

We all knew that McKenna had a loose tooth for the past two or three weeks. I actually forgot all about it until this morning. We grabbed some breakfast tacos to eat in the car on our way back to Florida and stopped a couple hours later to have a bathroom break. I was talking to McKenna in the bathroom and noticed that a tooth was missing. She had no idea. I asked her if she knew where it was or when it came out and she couldn't remember at all. The only thing she had to eat this morning was the breakfast taco and I remembered that she didn't finish it all so we decided to disect it. Sure enough, burried in the eggs was a little tooth. We recovered it and brought it home so she can put it under her pillow for the tooth fairy. What a day for her huh? And her fifth birthday is on monday, Jan 5. You know what that means...more presents.

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