Monday, January 12, 2009

This Past Weekend

Well, it did rain after all on Saturday for the party. Not as much as I had anticipated but enough to make it wet and yucky outside. I moved the party inside and even though we weren't able to have the boucy house/slide that McKenna wanted I think she still had a good time. All the kids were really good, they played and ran around in circles like 4 and 5 year olds like to do. McKenna's cake turned out really cute with the pink and purple dinosaur on it. She is already talking about her next birthday and what she wants to do for her party next year. Now we are in the process of planning Kambry's big day. She will turn 3 on Sat the 17th and is very excited. Since we don't really know a lot of kids her age around here we are just going to celebrate with family this year. She wants to go to Chucky Cheese and play games and eat pizza. So, that's the plan for Saturday. When I asked her what she wanted for her birthday, all she says is what Kenna got. I think she wants to be just like her big sis. We are going to make her day just as special as McKenna's. I am ready for all these January birthdays to be over. It's a bit much after such a great holiday season, then it just keeps on for another month. Bart's birthday is shortly after Kambry's, then we get a break until Aislynn is one year old. I will add pics as I get them put on the computer. Have a great Monday.

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