Monday, January 26, 2009


Do you ever sit back and take a look at how much stuff you accumulate each year? Well, we were in the process of moving some things out of storage and back to the house this past weekend and it brought me back to reality. We needed to get rid of some things. I have grown to love craigslist. It is an easy way to sell things and get some money for them. Plus, it's all local so no shipping or anything. I have decided that from now on with each and every purchase we need to ask ourselves this one thing...."Is this something that we will still use after one year?" If the answer is no...then don't even get it. Of course we are still struggling with toys for the girls. We want to get them new things but I have found that if I just put something away for awhile and then in a couple months I bring it back's like new to them. Does anyone out there have any good ways to keep the accumulation to a minimum? Just thought I would share my thoughts for the day. It's kinda foggy and dreary here. Not a fun day to be outside, plus, it's Monday.

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