Sunday, October 19, 2008


The girls have been asking for a week now when we are going to get our pumpkins. Well, yesterday we did. I wanted to find a real pumpkin patch around here like we did last year but with no success decided to stop at a local church that had made their own "pumpkin patch". It was getting later in the day, plus we had done a few hours of shopping across town so Kambry was a little tired to say the least. The girls picked out little pumpkins and Bart and I spotted a nice big one for this year. McKenna wants us to carve a kitty this year so we found a couple of nice patterns for a black cat. I didn't get any good pics of all the girls because Kambry was not in the mood to take pictures. I plan on going back later this week so we can get a picture of all the girls in the pumpkins. We did finally get Kambry's halloween costume and though she wanted to be a spider decided on a cute girl scarecrow instead. She looks really cute in it and both girls are ready to start wearing their costumes. Aislynn isn't getting a costume this year, she's just going to wear a halloween outfit. Just a little over 10 days to go till Halloween. I just dread all the candy they are going to get. I suppose Bart and I will have to help them with all the goodies.

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