Wednesday, October 15, 2008

First photos all together

Since the birth of Aislynn we have yet to assemble together to take a family picture. Well, on Monday we went back to the beach and worked with the elements to take as good of a picture as possible, considering. It seems as if one child would look the other wouldn't. I was doing good if Aislynn just wasn't crying. Getting her to look at the camera would have been asking a bit much. She actually seemed to enjoy this trip to the beach. McKenna and Kambry both got their pants wet before I was ready for them to. They tried building a sand castle and ended up with a pile of sand. It was a fun time to say the least.

In other news on the homefront, we have our home gym ready to go. Now the challenge will be putting it to good use to get rid of these excess pounds I have from the pregnancy. Of course, eating ice cream and drinking my addiction (Dr Pepper) doesn't help things. Yesterday, Bart put our walkway lights out in the yard. They look really good but what should have taken about an hour took much longer because we had to figure out a way to get the cord across the sidewalk without seeing it. It all worked out in the long run but we had to do some digging. I can't think of much else to tell so I suppose I will end this for now. Bye!!

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