Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What I have been up to

I just realized that I never really posted much about my visit to Texas from August. We had so much fun in the little time we spent there. First we headed to the Dallas area to see my mother in law and sister in law. We played around with the horses a bit and got the girls to sit on a couple of the miniature horses. It was cute!
Grammy bought them new boots and I have to say that they looked so cute in those little cowgirl boots.
I will have to find reasons for them to wear them out because they look great on. We ate at Babe's (which I love) and my hubby and I even got to go out dancing with some friends from college.
It was lots of fun but I realized how long it's been since I have been dancing. I felt like I was spinning out of control at times but luckily I was dancing with guys who knew what they were doing even if I didn't. After Dallas we headed to College Station to see Aggieland again and meet up with more friends from college. We got some yummy food and great company. The girls met a couple of cute little boys and had so much fun playing at their house. Then we drove to Austin to see my mom for the rest of our visit. While in Austin we did a little shopping, a lot of eating yummy Texas food, swimming at the pool, getting together with more college friends, celebrated Aislynn's birthday and got to go out dancing one more time. We had a ton of fun but can't wait to go back.
Today I worked. It was a somewhat busy day but not too busy. There is always that fine line at work that I like. If you don't have enough to do the time goes by too slowly but if you are overwhelmed then you feel as if you can't even take a break. Today was just the right amount of busy. Enough for the day to go by fast but where I didn't get stressed. I hope to have many more days like that. I think I will be doing many more photo shoots for the ladies at my work. They are lining up to get pictures done and I can't wait to work on my skills.


Just Add Walter said...

love those boots!!!

my mom also goes by "Grammy" for her grandchildren... too funny!

Dea said...

Those boots are the coolest! So cute! Love all the pictures, glad you had fun!

2003beachbunch said...

I love the girls new boots! Kendall is about to wear a hole in hers! she loves those things!