Friday, September 11, 2009

Back to Taking Pictures of Babies

Have I mentioned before how much I enjoy photographing babies? You never know what to expect even if you are fully prepared. This little sweetie came over yesterday to get some photos taken. She is 4 months old and didn't know what to think of me. She loved to eat her hands, every chance she got they were in her mouth. I guess teething is hard work. Trying to get her to smile was a little difficult too but I still think they turned out cute. I can't wait for the weather to cool off a bit so we can start doing more outdoor pictures.


Kelly said...

So cute, she looks like a doll!

Dea said...

You did an absolutly amazing job! Did you use natural light or some type of flash unit?

Sonya said...

I think they turned out great!! Awesome job.

Erin said...

What do you use to get the whites so white. Do you use lighting or natural light?

Anna said...

THese are beautiful! She is such a pretty little baby girl!

Sonya said...

what are you using as backdrops?

Anonymous said...

Those are amazing. I LOVE the third one especially. Ok and the last one :)
I have a couple photography questions for you. Let me know if I can pick your brain a bit.

YEAH for bigger pictures. I LOVED when I figured that out too!

Julie Rivera Photography said...

The wonderment in the last picture is truly remarkable! 4 months can be a hard age at which to work, but you managed it beautifully. I love the crispness and brightness of your pictures and I know this new mother must be equally thrilled.