Monday, September 21, 2009

Knockouts and Strikes

This past weekend we had a great time doing things as a family. On Saturday morning the "daddy" woke up really early to get ready for his marathon training run. Turns out that about 5 minutes later it was pouring down rain so he waited for it to slow down before venturing out for the 2o mile run he was about to do. The girls woke up ready for breakfast. I fed them something little and we hopped in the car to go find "daddy" and head to the post office. It was already so hot but he was doing great. We stopped at a gas station that he was about to pass and all the girls cheered him on. Then we picked up some yummy breakfast(since it was our cheat day for our diet, and yes, I do like having a cheat day). After my hubby was back from his 20 miles, he was ready for a nice shower and some relaxing. Then, we headed out to the mall to get McKenna more shoes and grab some lunch. The girls really wanted to go bowling so we said, "Why not?" and found the closest bowling ally to us. We played just one game but they had so much fun, we will definitely go back. I took a bowling class in college and though I didn't do as good as I would have liked to, I still was able to bowl a few strikes.
McKenna bowling
Kambry bowling
We finished the evening with dinner at Famous Daves. It was very yummy! I even saw a rainbow in the sky.
On our way home we picked up some ice cream to enjoy that night. As we were laying on the couch watching college football, I was taking turns giving the girls a back rub. Then it was their turn to give me one. It was so relaxing until Jake(our dog) came up and was trying to lick my face. As I turned to swat at him somehow McKenna's face was right where my hand was headed and before I knew it I swatted her in the mouth and out popped a tooth. I guess I knocked her in the right spot and the upper right incisor flew into her hand. She had this look of surprise on her face. I looked into her mouth to see that the lower one on the same side was ready to come out too. So, we got a rag and before we knew it McKenna had lost two teeth within a few minutes of each other. The tooth fairy was busy last night. After McKenna's teeth came out, Kambry says to me, "Mama, I don't want to loose my teeth." I think she saw the look on McKenna's face when I accidentally knocked that first one out. After a little talking she is okay with it now. What a Saturday it was. Sunday, we just did some grocery shopping and then I went to work. It was a nice steady night. Not to busy, not to slow.


Sonya said...

OH my!! You literally knocked a tooth out! That is crazy!! :) Bowling looks fun. McKenna is getting so big!!

Dea said...

sounds like yall had lots of fun! What a funny way to loose a tooth, poor kid! McKenna has the prettiest curly hair! I am so jealous!