Friday, April 24, 2009

8 Things

I was tagged by Sonya, one of my bloggy friends, over at Ladybugs, Butterflies, and Boxing to do an 8 Things post. This is gonna be a hard one seeing as how I just did 101 things about me not too long ago.

Here's how 8 THINGS works:
- Mention the person that tagged you.
- Complete the lists of 8's.
- Tag 8 of your wonderful bloggy friends.
- Go tell them you tagged them!


-Watching my babies grow day by day!!
-Taking a shower before bed
-Snuggle time
-Sunny days
-My Disney World trip next month
-Going back to Texas for a visit in the summer
-Seeing my friends have babies(not actually attend the birth, though I would love that because I am one of those people that love seeing babies be born, just seeing them be parents too)


-Went to McKenna's t-ball game
-Worked on making headbands and hair clips
-Thought about working out
-Went to Sally Beauty Supply and Walmart looking for supplies for my ETSY store
-Ate lunch in the car while driving (I know that's probably not too safe but I am good at it)
-Loaded the dishwasher, emptied the dishwasher, and then loaded it again
-Washed little faces, necks, backs, arms, legs, and toes
-Thought about trying to take a nap...failed in that department


-Live in Texas closer to family
-Go on another cruise, just my hubby and me
-Get a brand spankin new awesome Digital SLR camera...I have my eye on one
-Clean my house without having to actually CLEAN my house
-Visit all my friends around the country
-Have another baby one day(I don't know when but it will happen again some day)
-Go back to work while not having to sacrifice time at home
-Get my body back while not actually having to work on it(haha!! that was a funny one)


This is gonna be hard because I have to admit that I watch more TV than I should.
-Grey's Anatomy
-Dexter (I think he's HOT!!)
-American Idol (Yes, I find myself sucked in every season)
-Amazing Race (It would be so fun to be on that show)
-CSI -Las Vegas
-Leverage (This is a good one if you have never seen it)
-24 ( I can't leave that one out)

8 BLOGGERS TAGGED:(okay so I just did 4 but hey, it's halfway right??)

-Jamie at Beach Family Updates

-Amy at Just Add Walter

-Jennifer at Simply Complex

-Laura at Wild World of Boys


Simply Complex said...

When you find your pre-baby body, can you take a peak around and see if mine is there too? No? Fine, I'll find it myself.

My little baby boy is 7 months, one week old and I am not sure how much he weighs at the moment... But at six months, one week old he was 15 pounds even and 26.5 inches tall. He is a small one. The pedi asked if he was eating enough because he was only at the 5th percentile (and was born at 50th) but he eats about 30 oz a day. Who knows what his deal is. I just hope he continues to grow at somewhat of a reasonable rate.

Sonya said...

Thanks for playing!!
Yay! for Disney next month. I bet that is going to be so much fun. Which SLR camera do you have your eye on? I am in the market for one and I can't decide which one I want.