Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Here is Aislynn reaching for her snail in her bouncy seat. She really likes to grab things now and has even been able to get the frog in the middle and make the music start.

She seems to like to sit up tall too, so we have graduated her to the Bumbo. Kambry likes to sit in it too. McKenna tried to sit in it but it was a very tight squeeze.

Jake is really growing up. I wonder how much more he will change before he done growing.

Tummy time is fun.....for five minutes max..hehe.

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2003beachbunch said...

Kendall still loves to try to squeeze into her bumbo seat! I am still waiting to get Isaac into it :-) Man I am jealous...I miss the blue angels so much! We got to see them in Cherry Point this year but I was miserably pregnant so I ended up in the handicap tent! Hope that ya'll are doing well