Friday, November 28, 2008

And the Tree is Ready

It's a tradition of ours to decorate our Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving. In the past we have gone out to a Christmas tree farm and cut one down. This year we decided to use the artificial tree we bought back at Cherry Point. It turned out working just right for the space we had. The girls wanted to put colorful lights on it this year and help put the ornaments on too. Of course we had to go back and move some of them otherwise they would all be at the same level (three feet from the ground.) It was nice getting out all the old ornaments and remembering when we got them. Since we move around so much we decided we would get an ornament from each place we live. We also like to get the "Make a Wish" ornament at Things Remembered and get something engraved on it each year. This year we put, "Our 3 Angels- McKenna, Kambry and Aislynn." Soon the lights will go up outside.

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