Monday, November 24, 2008

Christmas Picture Preview

I decided to go out and get Christmas dresses for the girls. I got lucky and found some that were all the same and came in all the sizes I needed. Hopefully after we get our Christmas tree up this weekend we can gather round and take some Christmas pictures to send out to everyone.
On Saturday, we took the girls to Toys R Us so they could show us what they wanted for Christmas. We spent over 2 hours there walking up and down every isle. I think it helped me know what they like though.
We are getting ready for Thanksgiving too. It's just going to be the 5 of us this year. We have planned out our meal and I think everyone is excited for the yummy food and good times.


Mom2WildBoys said...

Your girls are ADORABLE! It sounds like ya'll are having a great time in FL. We miss you here in TX though!

Bookwoman said...

Pretty girls.

And we miss you here in Virginia, too.

2003beachbunch said...

So cute! I can't wait to see the family pictures!

Lindsay said...

I miss all you guys so much. It's just not the same when you aren't around the friends you used to spend so much time with. Maybe one day we will all meet again.

Anonymous said...

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