Friday, August 20, 2010

Pregnancy Update Plus More

Well I seem to be trucking right along in this pregnancy.  The first trimester seemed to really drag but before long I will be entering into my third trimester and that is call for celebration.  I am still feeling pretty good for the most part.  Those braxton hicks contractions seem to be more often these days and can really get annoying but other than being soooo big I can't really complain.  I know everyone thinks I am being silly for talking about how big I am all the time but now I have proof I am big!  I had a Dr appt yesterday and I am measuring 4 weeks bigger than I am!  Wowza.  So, the plan is to see if it continues and if I am still measuring big at my next appt we will do an ultrasound for growth to see what's going on with my little one.  I did my glucose screening as well yesterday and that was just yucky.  I usually don't have a problem drinking those orange drinks but I guess yesterday morning was a different story.  I felt nauseous as I was trying to force it down.  You know, they say you have to drink the whole thing in 5 min.  I really hope that it doesn't come back high.  The night before at work I indulged in a few too many pieces of cake because it was a friend's birthday.  I have never had a problem in the past with diabetes but knowing my luck this will be the time. 

Now, to totally change subjects on you, I haven't really talked about my new business much.  I guess I had been doing so much with it and I wanted things to be in place before I threw it out there.  A photog friend of mine and I decided to start a photography business here in Pensacola.  Our website is up and running!  Please check it out and let me know what you think.  Is there something I should change?  Can you navigate it easily?  Do you like the music?  I am really looking for honesty.  That's the only way  I will improve.  Here's the link:  Sun Flare Photography

I hope everyone is ready for school to start if it hasn't already.  I know my girls are looking forward to it as am I.  It's nice to get them involved in something again, and keep them busy.  This weekend is Aislynn's 2nd Birthday.  We will be having a couple of friends over to celebrate the day.  Wow...2 already, I can hardly believe it!

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