Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What a stinker!

Yesterday I knew the weather was supposed to be bad all day long.  Rainy, windy, thunder, lightening...you know, all the yucky stay at home stuff.  Because of that I decided to make a wonderful meal for the family.  We haven't had it in quite some time.  I made a roast, mashed potatoes, carrots, green bean casserole, corn, and of course gravy.  The girls were keeping themselves pretty content playing with each other while I was busy in the kitchen.  I did notice that Aislynn was being very quiet.  And you know what that means...a quiet baby usually means trouble.  I went on a search for her and found her in the pantry with a Cheeto in her mouth and her hand down the bag reaching for another.  She had just decided to help herself.  It was so funny I grabbed the camera and snapped a couple of quick pics. 

And yes, she is still wearing her jammies.  I told her she could have a lazy day since I knew we weren't going anywhere anyways.  Well, the meal turned out wonderful, I patted myself on the back and decided that I could cook something good every now and then.  It was really hard not to go back for seconds though.


Erin said...

ha ha ha ha I love this :) Alex loves loves loves Cheetos. We were at the grocery store a few weeks ago and she always has her own mini cart and I didn't notice she grabbed a bag of cheetos and covered them up. When we were checking out I looked at her and she told me " we are out of dem at home!" I had to laugh!

Meant to be a mom said...

Yes, I love that. I love Cheetos too so I don't blame her one bit. So cute. And yum your dinner sounds delicious!