Thursday, April 29, 2010

Family Fun at the Beach(or not)

About a week or so ago I went out to the beach to take photos for this lovely family.

But when we got there I knew it was going to be no fun!  I have taken pictures there a few times before and have never dealt with this.  There were these flies, little little knats or something all over the place.  They were all over us, biting, biting, biting, everywhere they could.  We could hardly keep them off.  The poor kids did the best they could but I was as uncomfortable as I am sure they were.  We worked with what we had, tried to get some quick shots in and call it a day.  Overall, it turned out okay, but I would love to try again without the flies. 
Here are a few from what I got.

Hope everyone has a beachy fun time with no more blood sucking, bite itching silly flies!
P.S.- I still have the dots from the bites all over my legs.  I painfully itched for almost a week, it was horrible.


Kim said...

in spite of those pesky bugs (we called them no-see-ems on the eastern shore) you got some GREAT shots!

beautiful family!

Meant to be a mom said...

These are absolutely gorgeous pictures. Sorry to hear that it wasn't as glamorous as these pictures seem to show it was.

The little girls dress is precious!

Erin said...

I love them, you would never know something was biting you all over :)

Sonya said...

the pictures still look great!!

Beth P. said...

Those are beautiful! I love that location!