Friday, February 26, 2010

What's Going On

So, you may wonder what's going on with us lately. Not anything all that interesting really. The girls had a pretty normal week. I just finished my Fetal Monitoring Class for work today. It was fun getting to take a couple of days to learn more about what I enjoy learning about with some great co workers. I have also been working out hard this week and trying to eat the best I can. I am super tired from getting up early everyday. Usually I only get up early a couple of days a week but I have been up by 6:20 or earlier everyday this week and it's kicking my butt. Add that up with the working out and lower number of calories and it makes for a tired Mama! Tonight I am going out to dinner with some girls from work. One of our favorite co workers is moving and today was her last day so we are all getting together one last time before she leaves. Here are a few new pics from the past week.

Playing keep away with her sister.


Sonya said...

so cute! I bet that class was really interesting.

Dea said...

Those photos look wonderful! I especially love the one of Aislynn!

Although I would love to start a photography business I dont think thats what i am going to do..i worry that it wont make enough to support me or a family one day. So for now I am working towards a degree in ECE and sticking with my photography as side work. =]

Alice said...

your girls are beautiful! i love the tight close-ups - gorgeous shots!