Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy 6th Birthday McKenna!

This little baby I held in my arms six years ago has grown up quite a bit.
1-5-05 eating cake-1
It is really hard to believe that McKenna is six today! She has turned into a beautiful, smart, silly girl and I am so proud of her. These are a few of things she has accomplished in the past year.
Lost 8 teeth! It all started on our way back from Texas last Christmas. Then they just kept falling out. Six of them are in or on their way in. I still can't believe she has lost that many teeth in one year.
Played T-Ball for the first time. We have fully determined that she is also left handed. As much as I always worked with her on her right hand, she keeps choosing the left. I think she enjoyed t-ball, if she decides to play again this year it will be even more fun.
Completed VPK (Voluntary Pre Kindergarten). It really prepared her for the real thing. She also met lots of great friends in class.
Started Kindergarten. Ever since starting school, McKenna has really blossomed in her ability to read and write. Even her drawings are more detailed and neat.
Played soccer for the first time. Since McKenna loves to run, soccer was a great sport for her to participate in. She kept up with the boys and is very excited to play again next season.
Right now she loves horses, puppies, drawing pictures, reading, and playing the Wii(thank you Santa). I can't wait to see what next year has in store. I hope each year is better than the last.
Happy, Happy, Birthday Sweet Girl!


Jessi said...

Happy Birthday!

She had the most gorgeous big eyes!

What a cutie! They just grow so fast!

Dea said...

Happy Birthday to such a sweet lil girl! She has really grown up a lot but is still such a beautiful cute girl! Best wishes this year!

Tiffany said...

You have such a beautiful daughter! Happy, happy birthday!

Nana said...

Every time I see McKenna, she seems to have grown more and more mature in all that she does. She is so much fun, has a lot of compassion and personality. I wish I could be around her more, she's one of the lights of my life! Happy Birthday my precious McKenna.

Christy said...

She's so beautiful, and your photography in the last picture is just stunning! What lens did you use? The 50 mm one?

Beth P. said...

What a beautiful girl she is. Incredible how quickly they grow and change. Happy Birthday to her!

Laura and Ryan said...

Happy Birthday McKenna!

Those pics are great...they really do grow up so fast!

2003beachbunch said...

Awww....Happy Birthday McKenna!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your big girl! I can't believe how much she looked like Kambry in the third photo. I thought you put the wrong picture in :)
I hope her day was great. It's so bittersweet how quickly they grow. I just noticed this morning my 6 year old is getting her 6 yr molars... sniff sniff..

{btw.....I LOVE the picture of her in your most recent post.. Her hair is sooo thick and pretty. With all your girls you guys sure are going to have your hands full in 10 years or so ;) }

Sonya said...

wow! It is amazing how all of your girls look so much alike. I can so totally see Aislynn and Kambry in those pictures of McKenna!