Friday, January 29, 2010

Fix It Friday #42

Wow, I can't believe this is the 42nd Fix It Friday at I Heart Faces. All I know is that I have learned SOOO much from all the great tutorials and the wonderful people associated with I Heart Faces. I pretty much teach myself what I have learned and any tips and advice are so nice and always welcome. I did my edit with about 25% picnik (since that is still what I am comfortable using) and the other 75% with PSE. I am trying to force myself to use it more so I can feel better using it all the time. I am sure there is so much more to learn and I can't wait to keep practicing. Here is the original photo:
Here is my edit:
I would tell you what I all I did but I just played around with a few things, added a couple of textures, adjusted the brightness and contrast, and who knows what else. Next time I will try to be better about writing everything down I did. I encourage all of you to grab the photo from the I Heart Faces Flickr site and try it for yourself. It's lots of fun!


Elizabeth said...

I still use some Picnik too, to save myself time...and I think there is nothing wrong with's a neat program that can make pics look awesome! I love the challenge of Photoshop and what it can do, and some day I look forward to knowing it so well that I can whip through it like I can Picnik. You did an awesome job! I love the final product!

Farmgirl said...

Nice lighting on the girl!

Catherine said...

Love the texture. Fantastic!!