Saturday, November 7, 2009

I love BARGAIN Shopping

Even though we all know that I don't NEED any more candy, especially chocolate, who can resist it when it's on sale really cheap? Not me. I just have to have it. So, I guess I will take most of it to work. This is what I bought this morning:
-three kids t shirts
-one kids zip up hoodie jacket
-one adult costume
-three kids costumes
-seven, yes seven, bags of candy
-two packs of stickers
-two cards
-two really nice candles
-one pack of mini cupcake wrappers
What do you think I paid for all this stuff??
Well, if I paid full price it would have been $211.30. But since I am bargain shopper and got all of this at a whopping 90% off I only paid $21.13!! Who doesn't love a great deal. Now the girls are all set for next year.


Anna said...

awesome. good job! where did you shop at? target?

M said...

Holy cow!!! You did a great job! I like to shop that way too :)

Erin said...

That awesome! I do that every year after Christmas!

Just Add Walter said...

you racked up!! that is awesome!!