Friday, October 9, 2009

Fix It Friday: I Heart Faces

I love Fridays because the weekend is just around the corner. I also love Fridays because I usually don't do much housework which gives me more time to play around on the computer. It's kind of an addiction. I decided to play along this week again with Fix It Friday over at I Heart Faces. It's just so much fun. I wish all my photos turned out this good. I guess just keep practicing.
Here is the original:
And here are my fixes:


Mrs. Bird said...

Good work! They both look great :)

Kelly said...

Great work, I love them! You do a great job at editing pictures, anytime you want to write a post on how you do somethings...I am ready to read it!

Sonya said...

Great job. Love his eyes.

The Goods said...

I'm with Kelly - at any point you want to teach us the tricks of the trade...I'm all ears...errr...eyes :)

Lisa said...

I like what you did with the photo. It IS fun to fool around. Your girls are just beautiful! I had to stop in because my sister's blog title is Another Day in Paradise. Good stuff!