Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Hot Day and a Sweet Girl

Boy was the sun beating down very early this morning.  But that didn't stop this little cutie from enjoying the sand.  She was a little weary of the water...but I am too now that it's full of yucky oil.  Even though we were all sweating up a storm, she did very well for a quick photo shoot.  Here is a small preview from this morning.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely love all your photos and always look forward to seeing more. From one photographer to another...if I were when doing a photo shoot of a little girl on the beach and the little girl has her hair pulled up or back, I would ask the mom if we could take it out and let her hair down at the end of the shoot. Take just a few "windy" pics. May not always work, but when it's a cool more natural look.

Erin said...

ummm will they send me that dress when they are done with it . . or atleast tell me where they got it, it is so cute and those pictures . . THOSE PICTURES are fantastic. I love love love the one of her feet!

I think he hair looks so cute like that!!

Sonya said...

She is adorable. I love the shot of her feet. Great job Lindsay!