Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday Showers

Over the last few days we have had some rain showers. Today was no different. As we went to the commissary to get groceries for the week, the sun was shining. When we came out it was a light rain. I am getting used to this. I guess when you live in Florida you get used to midday rain showers. I wish I could get some of the rain to go towards my mom's house. She has been living in a drought at her house. Every now and then Austin gets some rain but it always seems to stay dry at her house. One day it rain just north and south of her but no luck where she is. So rain, go to Texas, right over my mom's house and pour down as long as you want. I am sure she won't mind!
I had a good past week. I worked four days. It was not bad at all. McKenna completed her first week of school. She seemed to enjoy it. Kambry was oriented to her new preschool which she starts on Tuesday. I think she was a little disappointed when McKenna got on the bus Friday and she couldn't. She really thought that she was going to start school that day too. I met a few new military spouses. We are planning some play dates and get togethers so that will be fun. I think I am going to be keeping very busy over the next few weeks. I have a couple of photo shoots, Kenna wants to play soccer so we are checking into that, and I will be working off and on. I haven't taken many pictures lately but I hope to start taking more soon. I hope that everyone is having a great weekend..just a couple more days and we will be in September.
One more thing: My friend Laura had her baby boy this past Friday by emergency repeat C-section three weeks early and he is in the NICU for now for increased respirations. Please keep him in your thoughts!
Here's a silly picture of Aislynn in her cool new jammies.


Kelly said...

Cute PJ's, she looks like such a sweetie!

Dea said...

Awesome jammies! Very cute! Good luck to Kambry starting preschool and McKenna into soccer!

Meant to be a mom said...

I just love Aislynn in her jammies. Cute.

Thanks for the shared feelings about he acid reflux. I'm really not liking it. My doc told me to take tums. I haven't mentioned to him though that they really don't work. I should do that instead of being miserable.

Sonya said...

Those jammies are adorable!! Where did they come from?

How is your friend and the baby??