Thursday, September 25, 2008

Venturing Out

So yesterday I actually got out of the house for more than just dropping off and picking up McKenna. Of course I probably wouldn't have gone by myself, but my friend Lauren who lives down the street went with me. We just ran errands but it was nice to have some adult conversation. I think we might get together more often to do girly things. Aislynn was wonderful on the outing. She just slept the morning away in her car seat. I think she has caught the sniffles from all of us. She is sneezing and has a little bit of a runny nose. I feel so bad but it seems that she is not in too much discomfort. I will watch her closely to make sure it's nothing more.

As far as life changing with 3 children over 2 it is more busy for sure. I have to plan out my time more if I want to get somewhere at a certain time or even get certains things done throughout the day. McKenna and Kambry really play well together and keep each other entertained for the most part. Of course they are sisters and do get into sister fights every now and then. The one thing that does take a lot longer with three is getting in and out of the car. We have McKenna and Kambry in the far back so getting back there to get Kambry all strapped in takes some time. McKenna is such a big girl, she can do all the buckling and unbuckling herself.

The weather here today is just beautiful. It in the lows 80's and breezy. I really should be doing something outside right now but knowing my luck the minute I get out there Aislynn will wake up and want to eat. So for now I can sit with by screen door and enjoy the outdoors from indoors.

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