Thursday, March 4, 2010

Enjoying the weather

This past weekend we had some pretty nice weather. It was sunny and a little cool but perfect for us to get outside. We had nothing planned so we decided to grab the girls scooters and head over to base to take a walk along the seawall. This base use to be a seaplane base but after Ivan destroyed the hangers it is a little different. Still, it was a great place to spend some time playing as a family. Our goal lately is to try to spend as much time doing things together as we can. Here are some pictures from our day.

Here Aislynn is pointing at a dead bird head. She was facinated by it.

Climbing up all on her own. She is such a big girl.


Beth P. said...

Such beautiful pictures! I really, REALLY can't wait to be able to get outside here. Looks like this weekend may be nice - I want some outdoor photos too!

Erin said...

We had great weather this past weekend as well but our ground is still white! Love all the pictures and glad you got to be outside as a family!

Anna said...

How wonderful! The weather is supposed to be warmer out for us today and tomorrow so I hope to be getting my munchkins out of the house too soon!